This guidance is for everyone who has been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable. If you are in this group, you will previously have received a letter from the NHS or from your GP telling you this. You may have been advised to shield in the past.

Currently, clinically extremely vulnerable people in Tier 4 areas are advised to follow shielding advice. No other areas are currently advised to shield.

Check what Tier you are in using your postcode here:

If you are required to travel into an area in a different tier (for example to go to work or school), you should follow the guidance for whichever area is in the higher tier.

Guidance for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable can be found here

Support for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

Use this service if you have a medical condition which means you’re classed as being clinically extremely vulnerable to coronavirus.

You can use this service to:

  • ask for priority access to supermarket deliveries – if your area is in Tier 3 or Tier 4
  • ask your local authority to contact you about any local support that may be available – if you’ve been advised to ‘shield’
  • update your details – for example, your address

You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

If you’ve already got priority access to supermarket deliveries, you’ll keep it.

Access the service here:

The Hyndburn Hub is also available to support people through delivering essential supplies or providing support.

Please get in touch via: 01254 388 111