Have your say on taxi age limits in Hyndburn

The Council is currently carrying out a consultation with a view to removing the age limit on hackney carriage and private hire vehicles.  Currently vehicles cannot be licensed beyond the age of 15, regardless of condition and whether it will pass a test or not.

The DFT Guidance relating to vehicle age states:

‘Age Limits. It is perfectly possible for an older vehicle to be in good condition. So the setting of an age limit beyond which a local authority will not license vehicles may be arbitrary and inappropriate. But a greater frequency of testing may be appropriate for older vehicles – for example, twice-yearly tests for vehicles more than five years old.’

All vehicles over the age of 10 years are tested every 4 months.

Representations and views can be made by e-mailing licensing@hyndburnbc.gov.uk or by letter to:

Licensing Department
Hyndburn Borough Council
Scaitcliffe House
Ormerod Street

The consultation will close on 29 November 2022.