Hyndburn Borough Council has taken another major step at reducing its carbon footprint by achieving the One Carbon World Neutral Gold & International Standard and participating in the United Nations Carbon Neutral Now initiative. Measure Reduce Offset

This award follows last year’s climate emergency declaration when Hyndburn Council committed to making its activities net-zero carbon by 2030.

In partnership with One Carbon World, the Council measured its carbon footprint and has been receiving advice and support on how to reduce its carbon emissions across all areas of the Council to achieve the goal of net-zero carbon. The Council has also taken the option to off-set unavoidable CO2e emissions for the year 2018/19 in verified international projects.

This follows on last month’s announcement of five replacement refuse and recycling vehicles fitted with zero carbon emission electric lifters and the Council’s decision earlier this year to permit greener hybrid and electric cars to be given a Taxi Licence valid for six months, rather than four months which was the current norm.

Cllr Glen Harrison, Chair of Hyndburn Borough Council’s Environmental & Climate Change Group said:

“This is fantastic news for Hyndburn Borough Council being the first council to achieve both the Carbon neutral international standard and the UN climate Neutral now participation after the Council declared a Climate Emergency and completed a Green Review in the same year.”

 Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, Leader of the Council, said:

 “Last year, after the Council declared a climate emergency, we signed up to work with One Carbon World and the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative to look at reducing our carbon footprint.

 This year, we are taking steps to green our own vehicle fleet, shifting to 100% green energy sources for council buildings, developing woodland creation programmes and supporting greener taxi’s, while committing to achieve net-zero carbon and 100% clean energy across the full range of Council functions by 2030.”

 David Welsby, Chief Executive said:

“Hyndburn Borough Council is the first council in the UK to achieve both the Carbon Gold Standard and the participation in the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

This award highlights how the Council is taking action to tackle climate change impacts from its own activities and this is just part of the process to achieve a greener future.”