Hyndburn Hub receives donation from Charity Al Imdaad and Halo Housing

National charity, Al Imdaad and housing association, Halo Housing, donated two large pallets of food to the Hyndburn Hub and Clayton Food Bank this week. The food will go to those who need it the most in Hyndburn throughout these challenging times.

Pastor Anne Lincoln of Clayton Food Bank commented:

“The need is great, and this donation is a blessing and will help families across Hyndburn in these Challenging Times”

Al Imdaad Foundation UK Director Hafiz Sadiq Patel UK Director said of the distribution:

“Al Imdaad Foundation feel very honoured and proud to be working with such fantastic organisations where together we can help those most in need. I would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Hyndburn Hub and Clayton Foodbank for all their hard work and perseverance in helping and supporting those who are most vulnerable at this very difficult and most challenging times.”

Cllr Noordad Aziz, who organised the donation, said:

“I am honoured that Halo Housing and Al Imdaad UK recognised two wonderful organisations to partner up with as part of their UK Ramadhan Food Distribution. I have seen the wonderful work that both Hyndburn Hub and Clayton Food Bank have undertaken and glad to have been able to facilitate this.”

Lyndsey Sims, Hyndburn Hub Lead, gave thanks for the donation and encouraged people to reach out if they are in need:

“Due to the pandemic people are finding themselves needing support which they may never have needed before. The Hyndburn Hub can help, it is important people get in touch if they need to. Hyndburn has over 40 organisations under our hub umbrella and we are really grateful to Al Imdaad and Halo Housing for this donation which will make a real difference to so many people.”

Hyndburn Hub: enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk 01254 388 111