Hyndburn’s Emergency Assistance Grant will fund foodbanks, helping those in urgent need

A £127,658 Emergency Assistance Grant (EAG) was allocated to Hyndburn to help people in immediate short-term need of resources, such as food or essential items.

The grant, awarded by The Government, will be delivered in Hyndburn by local charity Maundy Relief through the Foodbank Network, which currently encompasses 11 Hyndburn-based foodbanks. Alongside co-ordination of the food solutions delivery there will be two phases of grants available for food banks, to help them during times of higher demand.

Lucy Hardwick, Manager at Maundy Relief, said:

“Hyndburn has a large number of fantastic foodbanks that have been operating for many years. Instead of this funding going towards creating a brand-new offer it will support and help build resilience amongst those organisations who are already established.

“In Hyndburn the EAG is being used to give grants to individual foodbanks, to increase their capacity and also to co-ordinate our efforts as a borough so we can work more effectively and efficiently. I am very pleased to say 11 foodbanks have taken up this offer in the first round of funding and next month the second round will open. The grants awarded so far range up to £5,000, depending on the individual needs of the foodbank.

“We have expanded our existing team at Maundy to deliver this service and during the process of co-ordinating efforts I am pleased to say we are now also linking with local schools to support families identified as in need of food support.

Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Borough Council said:

“Maundy Relief are known throughout Hyndburn for their wonderful work. They are now leading the way in a food-bank support network and also helping food banks receive that vital funding to help those who need it. We are really grateful for this additional funding and it will make a difference to many.”

Lyndsey Sims, Hyndburn Hub Lead said:

“I am very pleased to see the money awarded to Hyndburn is being used to establish a longer-term plan to support our existing organisations, to make sure all residents have access to food if they need it. Working together is how we will come through this and it is reassuring to know that no one in Hyndburn needs to go hungry, there is resource out there.”

Lucy added:

“This money is very welcomed by all in such difficult times and if people do need to use our food solution services, I am urging them to not hesitate to reach out. We are working together, united under the Hyndburn Hub, which means anyone who contacts the hub will be referred to the appropriate food bank or service which can help them. This is not just about co-ordinating a response to the pandemic, but about making sure we have the infrastructure available long-term for anyone who needs it.”

Hyndburn Hub: enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk 01254 388 111

Are you a foodbank based in Hyndburn?

Please do join the Food Solutions Network to access funding and support by emailing: HyndburnNetwork@outlook.com