Animals, birds, and all things natural are being carved into new entrance features for Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve, inspired by the ideas of local school children.

Working alongside local residents, children and young people from the local schools, Fern Gore Residents Association and Hyndburn Council – Community Interest Company Proffitts – Investing in Communities are leading a project to improve three of the main entrances at Woodnook Vale Local Nature Reserve.

The project gives local families the opportunity to get involved in planting trees, shrubs and bulbs and produce environment themed artwork which will define the entrances and make them more welcoming.

Year 5 children from Woodnook Primary School worked alongside local artist Rick Goodwin from Stump Art to design a new, carved seat for one of the entrances close to their school. The children were given an exciting carving demonstration and have designed a seat that has a fox and a deer at either end, with other creatures being included such as hedgehogs, squirrels, butterflies and bees. It was a fantastic workshop that gave the children the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and get back to nature.

Joanne Fisher, of Woodnook Primary School, said;

“The children were amazed at the skill. strength and imagination needed to create  animals out of wood. They were thrilled as they saw a fox being created before their very eyes.  Rick’s talent and enthusiasm sparked their interest and created a new appreciation for the work of artists and their local area. They can’t wait to see their ideas actually take shape. “

Cllr Miles Parkinson, Leader of Hyndburn Council, said;

“I’m so pleased to see the involvement of children from Woodnook Primary School and see their interest in the nature reserve grow. It’s a great outdoor learning space for all the schools in the surrounding area”.

Martin from Proffitts – Investing in Communities said;

“The children are really excited to see their design ideas come to life. Rick from Stump Art gave a fantastic demonstration and it’s great to see outdoor projects like this inspiring the next generation of woodland workers and nature lovers.’’

The pupils will return to the nature reserve later in the year to see the seat in place and plant some bulbs there. And in the coming months, improvements will have been completed at 3 entrances from Perth St, Miller Fold and Royds St, Accrington.

For more information about the scheme visit: or contact Martin Proffitt at Proffitts (CIC) on 07989928038 or