Join in the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Process

Hyndburn Borough Council are inviting residents to take part in the Council’s scrutiny process this year.

Residents are being asked to put forward ideas about what should be scrutinised.

Every council with an executive management structure is required to have an overview and scrutiny committee. This enables the rest of the council to scrutinise the executive by investigating their decisions and policies, and issuing reports and recommendations where any shortcomings are identified.

Hyndburn Borough Council has 2 Overview and Scrutiny Committees:

The Resources Committee look mainly at internal items within the Council including the budget. A few of the things recently scrutinised include the Council’s budget, Covid-19 related Grants, Littering/Fly Tipping and an Environmental Review.

The Communities and Wellbeing Committee have a wider remit, looking at anything which has an impact on the health or wellbeing of Hyndburn residents. This committee can look internally at services and also scrutinise outside agencies with their cooperation such as the community safety partnership, fire and health services.

If you have an idea which you think may be suitable for Overview and Scrutiny to consider, please email with the topic you would like us to look at and the reasons by 28th May.

You can find out more about Overview and Scrutiny by visiting and searching “scrutiny”.