Joint message from Sara Britcliffe, MP and Miles Parkinson, OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Council

As a community we have been staying at home to save lives for over one month, throughout Easter, Passover and soon to be Ramadan.

These are all times and events when families and friends would traditionally be coming together in our community and we too are feeling sadness in these challenging, but necessary circumstances.

Many important gatherings and events have been cancelled or postponed due the covid-19 pandemic, which can be upsetting for many people. We are encouraging organisations and religious groups to make use of online facilities where possible so that people have access to their social networks. Talk to people when you can, reach out to help those in need and if you find yourself needing support, do not be afraid to ask.

We would like to thank everyone who is making sacrifices to keep our community and nation safe. In these dark times of national crisis, we have seen the true spirit and pride of Hyndburn. Our vulnerable residents are being supported by our Hyndburn Hub, which has encompassed over 30 voluntary organisations and community groups and we are pleased to say help is available for all those who need it.

Through true unity we are making a difference and so far, have helped thousands of people in Hyndburn by providing urgent support for food, housing, mental health services and other essential needs. This has only been possible with the exceptional support and dedication from hundreds of volunteers and a vast network of organisations and businesses.

To further support our Hyndburn Hub and ensure we can continue to provide these essential supplies to our Borough we have also announced the launch of a Just Giving page in support of the Hyndburn Mayoral Charity Fund which this year will be supporting the various charities and voluntary groups which are working with, or under the umbrella of the Hyndburn Hub.

This Just Giving page will provide vital funds for the Hyndburn Hub, primarily for our local foodbanks but also for other support facilities if they are needed

We are encouraging all those who are able to support the Just Giving page to please do so. Individuals can support through many ways, including donations and also through sharing the great work of our Hyndburn Hub team. More information can be found on our social media pages and also on the Hyndburn Borough Council website:

Our Hyndburn Hub is working 7-days a week to provide essential support, if you or someone you know are in urgent need of assistance please do reach out. To help the team get back to you as quickly as possible please email in the first instance: visit Hyndburn Council’s website, or call: 01254 388 111

You can also contact Sara Britcliffe, MP directly with any questions or concerns via:
Constituency office: 14 Broadway, Accrington, BB5 1HZ
Telephone: 07933 725657
Westminster office: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Telephone: 0270 219 3000
Twitter: @SarBritcliffeMP Facebook: