Leaders Viewpoint: Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE

It has been brilliant to see our local businesses begin to return to a new normal over recent weeks. People are enjoying the variety of independent shops and eateries throughout Hyndburn and we are seeing events and activities start again.

The Great Harwood Civic Society have announced their annual charity fair is taking place on Saturday 21st August 10am – 12:30pm on the Town Hall Square in Great Harwood. Voluntary, faith and community groups will be there raising money for their organisations and sharing information about the great work they do in the local area.

Accrington Market are making history this year by extending their opening hours for a ‘Bank Holiday Bash’ on Friday 27th and Saturday 29th August. People are invited to enjoy the retail and food offer until 7pm on these days. I hope to see lots of people come along to support the traders, especially after such a difficult 18 months.

As we find our ‘new normal’ we do need to remain aware that covid-19 is still a threat to our community. The news of vaccination now being open to all who are aged 16 or over is fantastic. This means even more people will be protected and our community can begin to recover.

It is important that whilst we enjoy our freedoms, we continue to follow the simple guidelines to keep others safe. Simple acts such as opening windows to let in fresh air and keeping distance from other people when in public places will help to stop further transmission of Covid-19.

Vaccines have proven to reduce hospitalisation from Covid-19 infection, but we must follow the other precautions alongside to protect those who are more vulnerable. By working together, we are helping people stay safe and also protecting our NHS services from becoming overwhelmed.