Levelling Up Fund Bid Submission

In August 2022 Hyndburn Borough Council submitted a bid to The Government’s Levelling Up Fund, with interventions totalling £23 million.

Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Council, said:

“We are eagerly awaiting the results of the Levelling Up Fund Bid and I am incredibly proud of the fantastic bid that we have submitted. Earlier in the year we created a Town Centre Investment Plan for Accrington and three of the several interventions detailed in the plan were ideal to submit to this bid. If we are successful this will be a springboard for a complete transformation of Hyndburn, regeneration of our main town centre and this will in-turn help all other townships across the borough too.”

The three projects listed in Hyndburn’s Levelling Up Fund Bid are: Accrington Market Hall, Market Chambers and Burton’s Chambers.

Accrington Market Hall would be refurbished and transformed into a food and drink destination for local people and to entice visitors from across the county.

The Market Chambers building, opposite the Market Hall, would be acquired, refurbished, and repaired. With a future view to transform it into a cultural, arts and heritage venue.

Burtons Chambers building, opposite the Town Hall, would be acquired and restored to become a co-working space for businesses and events to utilise.

The full summary and cost breakdown of Hyndburn’s Levelling Up Fund Bid can be found in this document.

Miles continued:

“If we are successful in the bid our proposed project timeline would see these three interventions completed by March 2025, which would be fantastic. Alongside this bid our opportunity for funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund would really compliment these projects, bringing life to newly renovated buildings with a full arts and cultural programme to offer too.”