Local Election Results

Hyndburn Borough Council Local Election Results (announced Friday 7th May):

Conservative gain + 5

Labour gain +1

Labour retains overall control of Hyndburn Borough Council


22 Labour

12 Conservative

1 Independent 



Noordad Aziz Labour and co-operative 745

Peter Edwards Conservative 417

Sarah-Kay Fitzharris Reform UK 70

Labour Hold



Jodi Clements (Lab) 620

Andrew Harris (Independent) 411

Carole Haythornthwaite (Cons) 658

Ian Robinson (Reform UK) 39

Adam Waller-Slack (Lib Dem) 20

Conservative gain



David Eccles Conservative 245

Paddy Short Labour 503

Labour hold



Danny Cassidy (Con) 545

Caroline Elizabeth Montague (Lab) 594

Labour gain



Terry Hurn Conservative 779

Kimberley Jane Whitehead Labour & Co-operative 532

Conservative hold


St Andrews – two seats 

Jake Allen (Reform UK) 80

Peter Britcliffe (Cons) 550

Stewart Eaves (Lab) 364

Gayle Knight (Lab) 312

Steven Smithson (Cons) 372

Conservative hold, Con gain


St Oswalds 

Glen Harrison (Lab) 861

Susan Hayes (Con) 945

Bethany Waller-Slack (Lib Dem) 53

Conservative gain


Spring Hill

Munsif Dad (Lab) 792
Saghir Hussain (Con) 521

Labour hold



Dominik Allen (Cons) 632
Stephen Button (Lab) 502

Conservative gain



Wayne Fitzharris (Reform UK) 215

Michael Hindley (Lab & Co-op) 787

Gareth Molineux (Cons) 698

Labour hold



Sajid Mahmood (Con) 595
Claire Pritchard (Lab) 545

Conservative gain



Abdul Ghafar Khan (Lab) 986

Mohammed Younis (Con) 963

Labour hold