Mayoral Viewpoint: Cllr Terry Hurn

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With the festivities of December at an end and 2024 getting well underway now, I hope that everyone had a wonderful festive period filled with warmth, light and laughter.

With so much to look forward to already this coming year, I would like to turn our focus to the upcoming Mayor’s Ball this next month. Taking place on Friday 23rd February 2024 at the 1968 Lounge at Accrington Stanley, the Mayoress and I are looking forward to welcoming all sectors of the local community to join in an evening of celebration and fundraising for some truly commendable local causes.

One of the great privileges that comes with being the Mayor – and certainly one of the most humbling – is the opportunity to raise funds for a selection of chosen charities and local organisations that are near and dear to you. At the start of my Mayoral year, I selected the following three charities to support this year, all of which do fantastic work week-to-week throughout the borough and mean something to me personally in their individual ways.

The three charities that we will be striving to raise funds for with the upcoming event will be: Milly’s Smiles, a local group that works to support children newly diagnosed with a cancer-related illness, Jeffrey’s Battle with Battens Disease, a crowdfunded effort to help a little boy keep going despite his illness, and Accrington Stanley Women FC, who serve as an admirable source of female empowerment for all.

I am continuously impressed by the community spirit and generosity of Hyndburn, evident in the many wonderful engagements that the Mayoress and I have the privilege of attending. With these community organisations at the heart of The Mayor’s Ball, I am sure that this evening will be another such time where we can all come together to support our local charitable groups and enjoy an evening of fantastic food, live entertainment and a charity auction. All proceeds from the ball, including the auction, will go towards the chosen organisations, allowing us all to help support the groups’ ongoing endeavours.

Tickets are £40 each and now on sale. These are available to book directly through myself by calling: 01254 232 338. Alternatively, there is also the option to call The Mayor’s Office at: 01254 380285. I look forward to welcoming all with open arms to what I am sure will be a brilliant evening for the community.