New Exhibition Inspired by Local Communities Arrives at Haworth Art Gallery

Haworth Art Gallery would like to welcome everyone to attend their brand-new exhibition by artist, Steve Baldwin. Following a launch evening 6:00pm to 8:00pm on 17 January 2024 for an introduction to the new exhibition, visitors can now explore the series of portraits produced by Baldwin that highlight the positivity, understanding and pride that the people in Hyndburn have in their communities.

This exhibition seeks to challenge preconceptions of communities and areas within the North West of England through a series of portraits that reveal a rich sense of identity and a love for the place the sitters occupy.

Steve Baldwin, Artist, Fine Art Lecturer and Director of Prism Contemporary Art Gallery said:

“I wanted to create a body of work that celebrates both the everyday people/communities and the places they inhabit, that highlights how these people are proud of and love the place they live and come from.”

Baldwin has researched and interviewed a range of people that have either lived in the town all their lives, moved away and then relocated back, were born here or grew up in these towns, highlighting what the town means to them and what the future may hold for these areas.

Gillian Berry, Arts and Heritage Manager for Haworth Art Gallery said:

“Having grown up in Church and having visited Haworth Art Gallery from being a child, I am aware that the familiar communities of Hyndburn are not represented on the Gallery walls. Steve’s exhibition looks to redress this balance by celebrating the rich working-class communities of Hyndburn, selecting sitters for his portraits who are proud of their heritage and in the place, they are from and live”.

Alongside the paintings, there will be sound pieces – from personal conversations to the artist’s insights – to encourage visitors to interact in a meaningful way with the artwork and to consider ‘who’ art galleries are really for.

The artwork aims to expose the diversity, culture and religious preferences integrated within the towns, with the foundation being “What is a place without the people? What are the people without the place?”

The exhibition is FREE to visit during Gallery opening hours, Wednesday to Sunday between 12 noon and 4:30pm. Visitors will find Baldwin’s work in the Morning and Drawing rooms until 25 February 2024, alongside a range of other temporary and permanent exhibitions to explore.

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Photograph by Danny Davidson