Overjoyed Family Reunited with Stolen Dog after 3 Years Thanks to Hyndburn Dog Warden

Tina the French Bulldog surround by 4 family members after being reunited.

A heartwarming reunion took place recently as a family was reconnected with their beloved French Bulldog, Tina, who had been stolen almost three years ago. The incredible story highlights the importance of microchipping pets and keeping contact information updated.

Tina, a playful French Bulldog, went missing in May 2021 during a family shopping trip in Chingford, London. The Kowalczyk family was heartbroken as their beloved pet vanished from the back of their van. They immediately reported the theft to the police and tirelessly searched for Tina, distributing thousands of missing dog posters in their local area. Despite their efforts, hope of ever seeing Tina again began to dwindle.

However, in a remarkable turn of events, over 200 miles away in Accrington, a concerned resident spotted Tina wandering in the garden of an abandoned property. Thankfully, Tina was microchipped, and due to the Kowalczyks keeping their contact details up-to-date, Hyndburn Council’s Dog Warden was able to identify her owner.

“Reuniting lost or stolen pets with their families is the most rewarding part of my job,” said Hyndburn’s Dog Warden. “It’s rare to see a dog found so far away after such a long time, but this story emphasises the crucial role microchipping plays in bringing pets back home safely.”

Upon receiving the news, Joanna and George, Tina’s owners, embarked on a journey from London to Hyndburn to be reunited with their furry friend. The joy of their reunion was palpable, and they expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in bringing Tina back home.

“We are overwhelmed with happiness to have Tina back in our lives. We never gave up hope, but after so much time, we feared the worst. We are incredibly grateful to the kind person who found Tina, the Dog Warden for their swift action, and everyone who helped us during our search for Tina. I would urge all dog owners to ensure their dogs are microchipped.”


 Pictured – Kowalczyk family with Tina the French Bulldog