Two Accrington taxi drivers, Mr Khadam Hussain, of Blackburn Road and Mr Mohammed Awais of Beech Street, have had their private hire vehicle driver’s licenses revoked by the Council’s Judicial Committee.

The Committee decided to revoke Mr Khadam Hussain’s licence on 15th February 2017 after a complaint from a passenger that he had overcharged for a journey to Manchester Airport. The Committee upheld the complaint and, after considering Mr Hussain’s previous record, concluded that he was no longer a fit and proper person to hold a private hire vehicle driver’s licence.

Mr Hussain subsequently lodged an appeal which was later dismissed by Magistrates in Sept 2017 who awarded the Council £400 for legal costs. Mr Hussain then made a further appeal to Preston Crown Court which upheld the Council‘s finding that he was not a fit and proper person to hold a private hire vehicle driver’s licence. Mr Hussain was also ordered to pay a further £600 in respect of the Council’s legal costs.

In a separate case, the Judicial Committee resolved to revoke the private hire vehicle driver’s licence held by Mr Mohammed Awais on 28th June 2017. When making the decision members took into consideration his previous history of offending and in particular his failure to declare recent motoring related convictions.

Mr Awais appealed against the revocation of his private hire vehicle driver’s licence to Blackburn Magistrates Court, which upheld the appeal against the Council’s decision. The Council lodged a further appeal with the Crown Court which overturned the  Magistrates decision  and ordered Mr Awais  to pay £250 towards the  Council’s legal costs.

Cllr Gareth Molineux, Cabinet Member for Licensing, said; “The safety and security of the travelling public is of paramount importance to us and the Council has a duty of care to ensure that taxis and private hire vehicles are operated correctly and in line with the legal requirements. We take our responsibility very seriously and these two cases send a clear message that the Council has no hesitation in revoking or suspending licences of drivers found to be breaking the law, or in breach of licensing requirements.”