Second time in court for derelict home owner

The Council took derelict home owner, Shamreen Bi Hussain, to court for the second time recently, where magistrates found her guilty of failing to comply with a notice requiring her to make repairs to her Accrington property and ordered her to pay £3,795 in fines and costs.

Shamreen Bi Hussain, of Steiner Street Accrington, was found guilty in her absence of failing to comply with a notice served by the Council’s Enforcement Officers under Section 79 of the Building Act 1984. The notice required Mrs Hussain to carry out repairs to 60 Portland Street, Accrington. However, Mrs Hussain failed to carry out any repairs to the property and was found guilty in her absence at Blackburn Magistrates Court on the 2nd October 2018.

The Council first took Mrs Hussain to court in 2016 for ignoring a notice requiring her to carry out repairs to the property, and she has since failed to comply with further requests and notices requiring her bring the property into a state of repair.

Last year Mrs Hussain’s father, Ashaq Hussain, of Coldharbour Lane, London was also prosecuted for refusing to tell the Council his daughters address and was ordered to pay a total of £1500 in fines and costs.

Cllr Clare Cleary, Cabinet Member for Housing, said; “In this case the Hussain family has been ordered to pay out a total of £6665 in fines and costs, which would have gone a long way towards making the necessary property repairs. 60 Portland Street is blight on the area, the anti-social behaviour of property owners like Mrs Hussain affects the whole local community and the large fine and costs imposed by the magistrates in this latest case highlight the seriousness of this offence.”

Empty Property on Portland Street