Surge testing and vaccination a success in Hyndburn

As an area with ‘enhanced support’ from Central Government, Hyndburn has recently welcomed additional resource for testing and vaccination capacity.

Residents have risen to the plea to get tested frequently and get their jab over the past week, with hundreds of people coming forward in just a few days. In Hyndburn the rate of testing* is now 743.7 per 100,000.

Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Borough Council, thanks the community for playing their part:

“With every positive case of Covid-19 that we find through testing we can then work to stop further spread of the virus. I was extremely pleased to see the testing rate in our borough is so high. This has been possible due to a huge multi-agency effort from our Council Officers, Lancashire County Council, education staff, NHS services and Public Health.

“Over the last week we have seen street teams handing out testing kits, schools pushing the importance of testing and our community has taken on this challenge and stepped up. Thank you to every single person who is getting tested regularly, it is keeping our community safe.”

Alongside increased testing capacity, pop-up vaccination clinics have been appearing, taking the opportunity directly to the people of Hyndburn. Recently vaccination has been available on ASDA car park in Accrington, at Spring Hill Primary School and via a free shuttle bus from Rishton to Winfields.

Over 48,000 people who live in Hyndburn have had at least 1 Covid-19 vaccination and many have now completed their course by having the second.

Miles continued: “78% of all over 18’s in Hyndburn have now had at least 1 dose of the vaccine and almost 90% of over 65’s have received their second jab. This is fantastic news and as we see more people getting their vaccination the evidence shows it is working, with hospital admissions declining.

“To everyone involved in these huge efforts and to all who have said yes, thank you. Regular testing, having your vaccination and following the guidance means we can protect our NHS services, businesses and the wider community.”

Information about vaccination and testing is regularly updated on Hyndburn Borough Council’s social media and website: . Alternatively, to book a vaccination or a Covid-19 test people can call 119.



*Testing rates as of 7-day period 14 June to 20 June 2021.

**Vaccination data up to 20th June 2021.