Tackling long-covid in Hyndburn

Hundreds of people in Hyndburn have suffered from Covid-19 throughout the pandemic and many are struggling to manage the long-term impact of this on their health and wellbeing, after the illness has passed.

Long-Covid is a term used to describe the effects of Covid-19 that can continue for weeks or months after being unwell. The symptoms of Long-covid can include fatigue, shortness of breath, panic attacks and many other things.

Karen Haworth, Founder and Director of Brain Health Breakthrough CIC has suffered personally from long-covid and using her own, lived experience, has designed a flexible, online programme to help people manage their symptoms and recover.

Karen said: “The free 12-week programme helps people listen to their body and guide their own recovery journey. In addition to the physical and emotional benefits of the course, the peer-led approach means people are supported through hearing the experiences of others in a safe environment.”

Karen is a trained therapist and meditation expert and works with the Brain Health Breakthrough team who are experts that specialise in facilitating peer-support groups. The programme, which is fully flexible, also gives participants lifetime access to guided videos and relaxing audio’s so people can continue their recovery beyond the 12-week programme.

Karen added: “I personally know the impact of long-covid and would encourage anyone who is struggling to get in touch to be part of the programme.”

Have questions or want further information?

Email: info@brainhealthbreakthrough.co.uk

Mobile: 07946107493

The peer support long-covid programme has been funded by the Hyndburn Community Champions initiative through Hyndburn Borough Council, after a successful bid to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

For more information about the Hyndburn Community Champions visit: www.hyndburnbc.gov.uk/communitychampions

For more information about Brain Health Breakthrough CIC visit: