A Community Protection Notice (CPN) issued to Mr. Paul Knighton, a Hyndburn resident, was upheld on Appeal in the Magistrates Court on Friday 15 January after swift action from Hyndburn Borough Council. Repeated reports of Mr. Knighton felling and damaging trees in Great Harwood was causing upset and concern within the local community.

A spokesperson for Hyndburn Borough Council commented:

“We are pleased to announce the Community Protection Notice was upheld in court after an appeal and we are hopeful this strong action will prevent any further destruction at the hands of Mr. Knighton. We do not issue these notices often however, one of our priorities is safeguarding our environment and in this case it was necessary.”

A CPN aims to prevent anti-social behaviour that is having an impact on the community’s quality of life. Breaching the CPN could result in fixed penalties or prosecution. The CPN means that Mr. Knighton must not unlawfully cut down or damage trees within Hyndburn, must not act in an anti-social manner and must refrain from aggressive or abusive behaviour towards any employees of the Police force or Council.

“This action was possible thanks to members of our community coming forward with information. I am urging all residents to please get in touch if there are any concerns over damage to our local environment in the future, reports are always treated in strict confidence and we take these matters very seriously.”

Any issues or concerns can be reported directly to the planning department by emailing:

Hyndburn is home to eleven parks, three Local Nature Reserves and many outdoor spaces with trees and wildlife. Protecting these areas is of high importance for a number of reasons including flood defence, wildlife preservation and quality of human life.

Tree work is dangerous and should always be done by a skilled and insured arborist, on your own property. It is important to also check if trees are protected by a TPO (Tree Protection Order) before commencing any work. Further information about tree management can be found here: