Upgrades to war memorials in Hyndburn

[Cllr Peter Britcliffe outside Accrington Town Hall – summer 2022]


Lighting installation features have been proposed for both Rishton and Oswaldtwistle War Memorials

In Hyndburn Borough Council’s proposed budget plan programme, set to go to full council vote on Thursday 23 February, upgrades to both Rishton war memorial and Oswaldtwistle war memorial are detailed.

Utilising existing capital scheme budget, the works would upgrade the two memorials through improvements, maintenance, and installation of feature lighting. The feature lighting would be similar to that seen on the Great Harwood clock tower.

[Mercer Memorial Clock Tower in Great Harwood]

Councillor Peter Britcliffe said:

“I welcome these plans and look forward to hopefully seeing works progress over the next 12 months after council approval. Commemoration events are always wonderfully attended by our community and are intertwined into our history and heritage in Hyndburn. By having the ability to light these memorials it marks the occasion and commemoration in a more poignant way, offering a backdrop and a focal point for people of the borough to gather in their own towns. Rishton and Oswaldtwistle are just the first steps and I hope this investment will be seen across all the towns in Hyndburn, raising pride for all.”

Currently the Mercer Clock Tower can be lit in various colours for remembrance services and to mark various awareness occasions. The plans in the proposed budget would mean this could be replicated in both Rishton and Great Harwood.

Cllr Britcliffe continued:

“Community feedback about the Clock Tower lighting in Great Harwood has been really positive, it has helped it become even more of a focal point for the community and I think its fantastic that plans look to build on this success elsewhere.”