Waste disposal and coronavirus

If you, or someone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus and your household is self-isolating, please double-bag your waste.

 What is double bagging?

Double-bagging means putting your household waste in your rubbish bin or kitchen bin as usual and when that bag is full, tie it up as normal but before you take it to the wheelie bin, please put it in another bin bag, tie the second bag tightly and then put it in the wheelie bin.

The 3 day rule

If your household is self-isolating because someone is showing symptoms, please do not put any bin bags in your wheelie bin within 3 days of your collection.  For example, if your collection is a Friday, please do not put any bin bags in your wheelie bin after the Tuesday before your collection – leaving 3 clear days between the bag going in the wheelie bin and the bin being collected by us.

Please store your bags in a suitable place until your wheelie bin has been emptied and then you can put it in the wheelie bin for the next collection.

Why do we need to do this?

We are asking you to do this to help keep our bin crews protected so that we can carry on providing this vital service.  Some studies have shown that the virus may be present on your household waste for up to 3 days.  Waiting 3 days helps us to continue helping you.

If no one in your household is showing any symptoms of the virus, you do not need to double-bag your rubbish.

What is my last day for putting the bins out?

If you do need to wait 3 days because someone in your household is showing symptoms, and are not sure which day to take note of, we have provided the guide below.

Collection day Last day for putting waste in the wheelie bin
Monday Friday
Tuesday Saturday
Wednesday Sunday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday* Wednesday

*if your collection is due on a bank holiday, please check your calendar or watch for our text message about the changes to your collections.

 What about recycling?

Paper and cardboard recycling can go in your brown bin or white bag as usual as the virus does not live as long on paper and cardboard.

If someone in your household is showing symptoms, for the duration of your self-isolation please put your plastic, tins and glass in your bin with your other non-recyclable household waste.  While we would rather we recycle as much as possible, the safety of our crew is essential.  Once you have finished your self-isolation you can carry on recycling as normal.

Am I at risk?

There is no known risk to you handling the bin bags if your household is self-isolating and you can handle your household waste as you normally do.  Please wash your hands regularly and it is a good idea to wash your hands after handling your waste.

What if I cannot store my bags?

We ask you to be as accommodating as you can, any bin bags that cannot go into the wheelie bin only need to be kept elsewhere for up to 3 days at the most.  We understand that no one wants their bags anywhere other than in their bin but we need to keep our waste services running and to do that we need your help to protect our crew.

Will you take extra bags on my next collection?

Your wheelie bin should be enough to hold your household’s waste for two weeks – but we understand that if you cannot recycle tins, plastics and glass, you may have an extra bag waiting as part of the 3-day rule.  We will take up to 2 additional bags on your next collection if you have been self-isolating and therefore cannot recycle.