Women in Uniform: Brand New Exhibition at Haworth Art Gallery

Photographer Shy Burham

Brand new exhibition ‘Women in Uniform’ by photographer Shy Burhan opened at Haworth Art Gallery on International Women’s Day 2023 (8 March). This series of photographs celebrate women of colour who work in industries where they are typically under-represented.

Funded by Arts Council England, this ground-breaking photography exhibition empowers marginalised female voices and the important work that they do every day.

The exhibition is then available for people to visit until the 14 of May during Gallery opening hours, Wednesday – Sunday 12noon to 4pm.

Gillian Berry, Arts and Heritage Manager for Haworth Art Gallery, said:


“Growing up in Church ward, Hyndburn meant that I played and went to school with the South Asian community that settled in Hyndburn to work in the local textile industry. What I noticed when I visited Haworth Art Gallery, as a child and now, is that these families are not represented at Haworth Art Gallery. Shy Burhan’s exhibition helps to address this and I am incredibly proud that we will be hosting this wonderful exhibition.”


Drawing on her own experiences of South Asian heritage, Shy Burhan is aware of just how little representation there is for Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Arabic (BAHA) women in senior positions, which is what inspired her to raise their profiles through her artwork.


Shy Burhan, Exhibitor, said:


“As a female photographer of South Asian heritage, I’m somewhat of a rarity in my field. And yet I know we exist because I exist. I’m naturally drawn to documenting marginalised or diasporic communities whether they’re from migrant groups to teenage mums, everyone has a story and I’m passionate about using photography as a conduit to extract those narratives.”


The series features women of colour photographed in their uniforms or civilian clothes. Bringing together collective voices and personal journeys, all underpinned by Shy’s artistic flair, this exhibition exemplifies these women’s pride in their individual journeys and the role that their uniforms play in representing them both culturally and individually.


Gillian Berry, continued:


“Shy Burhan’s exhibition features women of colour both local and from all over the country wearing a uniform that reveals the role they have in society – from doctors to train drivers and theatre directors to solicitors. This exhibition both honours and memorialises women of colour, and we hope everyone will visit to see it for themselves.”


Haworth Art Gallery is FREE to visit and is open weekly, Wednesday to Sunday between 12 noon and 4:30 pm. To find out more about Shy Burhan’s work, check out her social media channels or visit: http://shybphotography.com