Notice of Key Decisions

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Information about Notice of Key Decisions

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New regulations are in force from 10 September 2012, governing meetings of the Executive (Cabinet).

Hyndburn Borough Council are no longer required to publish a Forward Plan of key decisions, three months in advance. We now have to publish a notice of each key decision 28 days before it is to be made. This is a Forward Plan by another name, and we intend to publish the required information on a rolling basis.

Notice of Key Decisions to be made by Cabinet

This is information about key decisions which Cabinet expects to make in the next few months.

What is a key decision?

A Key Decision, as defined in Article 13 of the Council’s Constitution is a Cabinet decision which is likely

  1. To result in significant expenditure or savings, having regard to the Council’s budget, for the service or the function to which it relates.  Expenditure will be deemed significant if it exceeds the following amounts:-

General Fund Revenue Account – £150,000

Capital Programme – £200,000

  1. To be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards of the Borough.

Membership of Cabinet – 2014/15

Councillor M. Parkinson, Leader of the Council

Councillor G. Molineux, (Portfolio: Resources)

Councillor P. Barton (Portfolio: Health and Communities)

Councillor C. Cleary (Portfolio: Housing)

Councillor P.Cox (Deputy Leader, Portfolio: Environmental Services)

Councillor K. Moss (Portfolio: Education, Leisure and Arts)

Dates of Cabinet meetings – 2014/15

Date of Cabinet Meeting and Date of Publication of Key Decisions to be made at that meeting.

Date of Cabinet Meeting            Publication of Key Decisions

22 October 2014                         23 September 2014

3 December 2014                        4 November 2014

7 January 2015                            9 December 2014

4 February 2015                           6 January 2015

11 March 2015                             10 February 2015

Other documents relevant to these matters may be submitted to Cabinet by notifying the Democratic Services Department.

Copies of the documents listed above can be obtained, subject to any restriction on their disclosure, from –

Democratic Services Department
Scaitcliffe House
Ormerod Street


Telephone: 01254 380109