Oak Hill Park

Information About Oak Hill Park


Awarded a Green Flag for 2017-2018

Oak Hill Park BB5 2BN is the main park serving both the town of Accrington and the Borough of Hyndburn. Oak Hill is Oak Hil Park flower bedone of the largest parks in the Borough and has a range of features and facilities. It is 8.7 Hectares and as the name suggests it is a sloping site with a large war memorial at one of the highest points within the park.

It is situated between Manchester Road and Hollins Lane in Accrington and can be entered at four points, two from Manchester Road and two from Hollins Lane. The parks main entrance is on Manchester Road. There is the opportunity for parking for disabled patrons at the higher Manchester Road entrance; no other parking is available within the grounds of the park.

There is a manned presence in the park during working hours.

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