Parks and open spaces

There are a total of 11 parks located across the Borough each with its own individual character and range of facilities.

Play Areas

There are 24 play areas distributed throughout Hyndburn typically catering for children aged between 3 and 12 years.

Sport Fields

There are a total of 4 playing field venues with changing room facilities which can be booked for formal sports.

Countryside and Woodlands

There are 3 Local Nature Reserves (LNR’s) in Hyndburn, 2 of these being the biggest in the whole of Lancashire! These include Peel Park & the Coppice LNR and Woodnook Vale LNR in Accrington. Church (town) is also the mid-point of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. There are many more areas to explore including Foxhill Bank LNR, Clayton Forest Park, Jack House and Spout House woodlands.

Allotments in Hyndburn

There are 22 allotment sites located throughout Hyndburn with an approximate total of 850 plots.

The sizes of the allotments vary to accommodate the differing requirements of our tenants.  You may be allowed livestock, for example, chickens and rabbits, and some are available with sheds/tool stores in situ.

Volunteering in our Parks

There are a number of ways to get more involved in your local park, this could include joining one of the many ‘Friends of the park’ groups or, if you have some spare time and wish to develop your skills, there maybe the opportunity to work along side an experienced park keeper.


Trees are a valuable asset in Hyndburn and these are managed accordingly in line with the relevant legislation and best practices.

Outdoor activities in the area

Information on cycling, walking. outdoor gyms, scavanger hunts and more.

Event Organising

A number of very successful community events have taken place in Hyndburn’s Parks and Open Spaces in recent times. A resource has been put together to help facilitate the organising of a community event on Council land.