Pavement Licence Applications under Consultation


Business and Planning Act 2020.

Hyndburn Borough Council do hereby give notice that on 3rd October 2022, Carers Link Lancashire, 54-56 Blackburn Road, Accrington have applied for a ‘Pavement Licence’ at: the frontage of the premises

The application is: To place tables and chairs for the supplying of refreshments in the area at the following times:

Monday to Friday: 08.30 to 16.00

Any person wishing to make representations to this application may do so by writing to: 10th October 2022.

by: Email to

The application and information submitted with it can be viewed on the Council’s website:

Signed    W Redferm

Dated  3rd October 2022

Carer’s Link Plan


Business and Planning Act 2020.

Hyndburn Borough Council do hereby give notice that on 29th September 2022, Mr
Michael Eddleston has applied for a ‘Pavement Licence’ at: 1Btap, 18 Glebe 

Street, Great Harwood.  To extend the 20 metres length of the premises and
1.4 metres onto the pavement.

The application is: To place a mixture of bench tables and round tables and 
chairs for  a maximum of 26 people for the purpose of supplying alcohol in the 
area at the following times: 

Tuesday to Thursday  4pm to 9pm 

Friday to Sunday  2pm to 9pm 

Any person wishing to make representations to this application may do so by
writing to: 6th October 2022

by: Email to

The application and information submitted with it can be viewed on the
Council’s website

Signed    W Redferm 

Dated  29th September 2022

1B Tap Plan

1B Tap Location Plan

1B Tap Photograph