Peel Park and the Coppice

Nature and Conservation


The area of Peel Park comprises of over 20 different types of unique habitats including coniferous and mixed plantation, semi-natural woodland, heathland, standing and running water. The area has Local Nature Reserve status and also boasts 2 areas designated as Biological Heritage Sites (BHS).

The area is a haven for wildlife, the number of flowering plants and ferns recorded at the reserve is over 300, of which more than 250 are native to Britain. In addition, over 120 mosses & liverworts, 70 birds, more than 40 invertebrates, 13 mammals, 9 fish and 4 amphibians have been found within the reserve so far, but there are many more, especially invertebrates, yet to be discovered. The Hyndburn Butterfly Project recently recorded 19 butterfly species in the area.

Seven of these species are important at the European level, i.e. one fish (the Bullhead), two bats (Daubenton’s and Pipistrelle) and four species of Bog-moss (Sphagnum).