Peel Park and the Coppice

Improvements to Peel Park


Improvements have recently been made to Peel Park and the Coppice, these include:

  • Refurbished steps up the Coppice from the Avenue Parade entrance, including new benches and litterbins.
  • Access improvements up to and around the Coppice and within the area known as Arden Hall, making it easier for a greater number of people to use the area.
  • A refurbished monument.
  • A new entrance feature to the main entrance at the top of Avenue Parade
  • An archaeological dig to record the ruins at Arden Hall Further information
  • Improvements to seating provision in the area.
  • Tree thinning and timber extraction within the plantation woodland.
  • Welcoming signage.
  • Visitor leaflets have been produced.
  • Playground extension.
  • Scavenger hunt

Thank you for the support from a number of organisations over the years to help improve the area including the Prospects Foundation, the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and the Friends of Arden Hall.

The improvements have also been made possible due to grants from the Lancashire Environmental Fund, Biffa Award , the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Forestry Commission.