Business Rates

Business Rates Arrears

Hyndburn Borough Council has a duty to maximise the collection of all business rates and we have a fair but robust recovery policy in place to ensure that unpaid business rates are recovered. Our policy is available to download in full and the information below outlines the main aspect of the recovery process which may apply to you.

Missed payments/reminders

All business rates payments are due on or before the instalment date for that month. If you miss a payment, we will issue a reminder after 4 days. This reminder allows you to bring your payments up to date without any further action being taken.

If your payment is not brought up to date or further payments are missed within the same financial year, further recovery action will be taken.


Summons and Liability Order

If you have received a summons for non-payment of business rates, we encourage you to contact us to make a payment arrangement and to discuss your bill.

If the full amount due, plus summons costs is paid before the liability hearing, the Council will not obtain a liability order and the liability order charge will not be applied to the account.

Enforcement Action

If a payment arrangement has not been made with the Council, or an agreed arrangement has not been maintained, the account is normally passed to an Enforcement Agent – formerly and commonly known as bailiffs.

If you have received a letter from an enforcement agency, please contact them directly.




Our Collection and Recovery Policy outlines the process in full.

Winding up/liquidation/bankruptcy

Further recovery of unpaid business rates can be pursued which may include a winding up order or liquidation.