Personal Searches in Planning

Personal Searches or Personal Land Charge Search

Individual Search Requests must be made using questions from the Law Society’s CON 29 Enquiry Form. You can view a copy of the form by following the link to the Law Society below.

Links are provided to each set of information by selecting the links below.

Information to answer Planning related questions on the CON29R form can be found below.

Planning decisions and pending applications

  • Planning Applications – including planning permission, listed building consent, conservation area consent, and certificates of lawfulness, can be found by using the online search facility at  Search for and track planning applications online!  For help using the search applications page see help with searches.
  • Further information for all applications since January 2011 and for most applications between 2003 and 2011 can also be found using our online mapping system.
  • For help with searches prior to 2003 where you want to do a more thorough search you can search manually on our historic planning application maps which begin in 1974.
    Planning designations and proposals Planning Policy in Hyndburn
    Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under Planning Acts:
    Planning Enforcement  

Tree Preservation Orders and Hyndburn Conservation Areas. They can also be searched for on a map using the online mapping system.

Screening and Scoping Opinions

For information on Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

For information on s106 Agreements:

For information on High Voltage Electricity Transmission lines and High Pressure Gas Pipelines:

National Grid website and look on the Land and Development pages. which includes gas pipelines, electricity, fibre-optic cables and fuel pipelines

For information on electricity supplies near your home or site:

electricity north west website  go to the Before you dig! pages which includes electricity, fibre-optic cables and fuel pipelines.

For information on water and sewerage pipework:

United Utilities website and look on the Builders and developers pages.

For information on flood risk

Environment Agency website to the flood risk pages.

For information on sites with Hazardous Substances Consent

use this internal link to our Hazardous Installations page where you can search using a map.

Go to the Hazardous Substances Consents  – existing sites page to find further information about the consents.