Personal Searches in Planning

Confirmation of Compliance with Conditions letter and Signed Decision Notice

If the result of the search is that you want a signed decision notice or a Confirmation of Compliance with Conditions letter please contact the Planning Department, ideally by email to  to confirm the current charge.

We will begin work when we have received the fee, by cheque made out to Hyndburn Borough Council.  You may also be able to arrange card payment by telephone, please request this when emailing.

Unsigned decision notices can be obtained  free of charge, along with the full planning application documentation, using the search applications link in ‘Further information’ below.

Search by address or application number, not date.

To get the file, click on the file name in the View column. Older files labelled Historic are likely to have signed decision notices in the file; hence you will not need to pay for these.

You can extract the decision notice from the file by printing the relevant pages, either to a hardcopy printer or to pdf.