Private Hire Vehicles

How to Recognise a Private Hire Vehicle

Private Hire Vehicles may be saloon cars, estate cars, hatchback models, multi purpose vehicles or minibuses.

All vehicles must display a yellow plate on the rear of the vehicle that contains:

  • the licence number
  • registration number
  • make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • number of passengers it is allowed to carry

On the rear doors there will be signs stating which company the vehicle is affiliated to, and on the offside and nearside front doors there will be Council door signs displaying the licence number and the following wording:-


Insurance invalid unless you pre-book this vehicle with a private hire firm

All journeys must be pre-booked through the operator.

If you flag down a private hire vehicle in the street the insurance will be invalid for the duration of your journey. DO NOT TAKE THE RISK.

Private Hire vehicles must display company door signs on the near side and off side rear doors.  The vehicle must also display comment stickers on the offside and nearside rear windows.

All Private Hire vehicles must clearly display a legal No Smoking sign.