Project Phoenix (Phases 1 and 2)

About Project Phoenix

This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)  is a new planning guide to assist potential developers in the preparation of planning applications with the intention of producing high quality planned development on this flagship site which is the first phase of the West Accrington and Church Area Development Framework ( ADF).

The objectives of the brief are:

  • To provide a mix of housing types, tenures and values at the neighbourhood level.
  • To create a new environment that can embrace a variety of house types.
  • To assist in the wider regeneration of West Accrington
  • To provide guidance on a variety of planning land use issues that the Council will wish to be considered when potential developers submit planning applications, with specific reference to urban design principles, commercial uses, housing, public open space provision, highways and transport matters, parking and the provision of health facilities.

The SPD explains, in detail, the planning policy for the area focussing on Urban Design Principles and Land Uses (commercial, housing, public open space, highways, access and transport, infrastructure, parking, LIFT Health facilities)

It will be part of the Local Development Framework for Hyndburn and a material consideration when determining planning applications.  A sustainability appraisal of the social, economic and environmental effects of the guidance has been carried out and is available with the SPD.

The SPD and associated appendices are available here: