Waste and Recycling

Recycling Helpful Hints and tips

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Residents must present their recycling containers at the designated collection point by 7:30am on collection day. As a guide, your containers must be presented at the following location:-

On estates:

  • At the rear of the footpath to the front of the property (not on your property)

Terraced properties

  • For the majority of properties this will be on the back street where you normally present you grey wheeled bin or at a communal collection point (usually at each end of the back street)

Farm properties:

  • Where the vehicle can safely manoeuvre to your property, the containers should be presented at the front of your property.
  • Where the vehicle cannot access the road to your property, the containers should be presented at the edge of your boundary adjacent to the main road.

If you are still unsure as to where you should present your containers for collection, please contact the customer helpline on 01254 388 111 to arrange for an officer to discuss this with you.

To help keep your area looking clean and tidy, containers should not be presented for collection any earlier than 6.00pm on the evening prior to collection and should be returned to your property as quickly as possible after being emptied.

On your grey bin collection day it is extremely important to return your container to you property as possible as our mechanical sweepers are scheduled to sweep your street the day after this collection.

If you have subscribed to the Garden Waste Collection service:

  • Only place grass cuttings, leaves, cut flowers, hedge trimmings, twigs, small branches etc, in the green wheeled bin.
  • Placing a sheet of newspaper in the bottom of the green bin will help to keep it clean and prevent items sticking.
  • Do not put non-compostable items in the green bin such as soil, stone, rubble, plastic, pet waste, kitchen waste, etc. These items will contaminate the whole vehicle load which would then have to be sent to landfill.

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