Rishton and Great Harwood Cemetery


Firstly if you are looking for information for the original Great Harwood Cemetery which dates back to 1887 please use this link.

The newly opened Rishton and Great Harwood Cemetery which opened in 2018, it is located on Lee Lane, Rishton. It is the smallest cemetery in the council’s care and is the youngest.

Surrounded by countryside, the grounds are maintained to a high standard and this peaceful cemetery has an excellent heritage feature of a Pennine style dry stone wall which was built by a team of local volunteers.

It is flat and accessible for wheelchair users with good vehicle access.

It provides areas for coffin burials of all denominations as well as areas for ashes burials and for the first time in the borough we offer a natural burial option in this cemetery which is an environmentally friendly alternative, creating a natural environment in this countryside location.

A plan of the cemetery is here.

The cemetery remains open at all times.

Commemorating a loved one at Rishton and Great Harwood Cemetery.

The following are available:

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