Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)

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What is the Safer Food Better Business Initiative?

Safer Food Better Business or SFBB, is aimed at helping small catering and retail businesses comply with the new EC Regulation 852/2004 that consolidated food hygiene legislation.

It is a practical approach to food safety management developed by the Food Standards Agency in partnership with over 50 local authorities and associated small caterers, retailers, experts and consultants.

Food businesses are now required to implement procedures based on the principles of HACCP, to manage food safety and integrate these procedures with documentation and record keeping. This is not the same as traditional 7-point HACCP systems.

Within the regulation there is flexibility allowing businesses to implement systems or procedures appropriate to the size and nature of the business.

SFBB is one approach developed to help businesses.  If a business has successfully implemented another food safety system there is no requirement to change and adopt SFBB instead.  However, sections of SFBB could be used to support and enhance other systems if so wished and may be useful for staff training.