Search for Planning Information Using Online Mapping

Search for Planning Information Using a Map

Planning Applications From 2003 – Hyndburn Public Maps – WebGIS (

Follow this link to the online maps

  • If no MAP list is displayed, select Planning in the drop down box at the left of the screen;
  • Click on the APPLICATIONS FROM 2003 text and the map will load. The map view is restricted, so search by using the binocular icon towards the top of the screen;
  • Enter a street address, or Post Code with or without a name/number, and use the Search button. A list of addresses will appear;
  • On the form displayed, choose an address, double-click on the required address and the address will be highlighted. A map will then be drawn including that address. If there has been a planning application, the address will be outlined by a green line;
  • Click the ‘i’ icon towards the top left of the map screen;
  • Left click on the required part of the map and this will display the records for that area. Basic information about the latest application is then displayed on screen – you may need to scroll across the Description (Descrip) line to see everything. You can download the information as a spreadsheet by clicking on the download button at the top right of the information panel.

Once you have all the planning application numbers from the file, you can then search by application number  or address, but make sure that you have selected the Received any time button on the left side of the search page. You may need to scroll down to find the button.

This link takes you to a document with further instructions for searching:

Planning application search 06 October 2023 v2

If you cannot find the application, please e-mail

Detailed instructions for map searches are available from the ‘?’ icon at the top right of the map window.

Locations of planning applications are indicative only. The legal site outline for a particular application is the submitted location plan.

Please see our Disclaimer for Online Mapping for further explanation