Search for Planning Information Using Online Mapping

Search The Brownfield Register with online mapping

Go to the online mapping system (Select POLICY in Category window, then left click on the latest  BROWNFIELD_REGISTER titles).

The map will then load. The map view is restricted for faster loading so you then need to search using any of the three white boxes at the top of the map screen. Enter a street address, with or without a name/number or postcode. Then using the mouse pointer left click on Find address button.

From the form displayed choose an address, and left click on Show at the left side of the table.

A map will then be drawn including that address. You may need to zoom out to look around the area.

As you zoom out the map background changes to the raster background to enable faster loading. You can turn this background on or off using the check box in the Raster Background menu.

If you scroll outwards you can get an overview of the location of land on the Hyndburn Brownfield Register.

You can also view the constraints on a site by using the check box to keep your location fixed, then going to the [POLICY category] and loading the DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT DPD ADOPTED VERSION JAN 2018 group of layers.

Turn layers off by unticking the check boxes as required.

For further information  go to the internal Brownfield Register page.