Search for Planning Information Using Online Mapping

Search for Listed Building,Conservation Areas and Historic Monuments

View the updated online planning mapping system using this link –

Planning Applications From 2003 – Hyndburn Public Maps – WebGIS (

Search for your selected topic via the ‘Maps’ button on the mapping search page.

Follow this link to the online maps

(Select HISTORIC. in the Maps list)

Left click on the LISTED BUILDINGS, MONUMENTS AND CONSERVATION AREAS text and the map will load. Individual layers can be turned on or off by clicking the check boxes in the Layers section.

The map view is restricted so search by using the binocular icon towards the top of the screen. Enter a street address, or Post Code  with or without a name/number and use the Search button and a list of addresses will appear.

On the form displayed, choose an address, double click on the required address and the map will move to that address and highlight the particular address.

A map will then be drawn including that address. If the address has a Listed Building or is in a  Conservation Area it will be shown by being coloured.

Select the ‘i’ icon towards the top left of the map screen by clicking once. Then left click on the required part of the map. This will display the records for that area.

At the bottom of the information screen there is a link to the Listing record on Historic England’s website.

If you scroll outwards you can get an overview of all the Listed Buildings and  Conservation Areas in Hyndburn.

The register of listed buildings lists buildings in each area of Hyndburn.

Further information about Listed Buildings can be found here and for Locally Listed Buildings here.

Further information about Conservation Areas can be found here.

Trees in Conservation Areas have further controls on them. View further information about tree management .

There is only one Historic Monument in Hyndburn at Aspen Valley. Search for Lower Aspen Lane, choose any address and scroll out until you see the symbol.