Search for Planning Information Using Online Mapping

Search in the Green Belt

Go to the online mapping system (Select Natural in the Maps list) 

Left click on the GREEN BELT text and the map will load. Individual Layers can be turned on or off by clicking the check boxes in the  Layers.

Search by using the binocular icon towards the top of the screen. Enter a street address, or Post Code  with or without a name/number and use the Search button and a list of addresses will appear.

On the form displayed, choose an address, double click on the required address and the map will move to that address and highlight the particular address.

A map will then be drawn including that address.  If the site is in the green belt it will be coloured green.

Select the “i” icon towards the top left of the map screen by clicking once. Then left click on the required part of the map. This will display the records for that area.  You can download the information as a spreadsheet by clicking on the download button at the top right of the information panel. The spreadsheet will need columns expanding to be able to read all the information.

If you scroll outwards you can get an overview of all the Green Belt in Hyndburn.

The Green Belt layer has been compiled using the Local Plan adopted in 1996 with corrections approved in 2000, and amendments made following adoption of the Core Strategy in January 2012. Boundaries displayed on this layer are not definitive.

If you need confirmation of any boundary line please contact us and give details of the address, preferably with a map and any supporting material.