Search for Planning Information Using Online Mapping

Search the Flood Map

To ensure that you use the latest flood map go directly to  the Environment Agency Flood Map for Planning  website pages for the latest information.

You can see further information on this page for Flood Zones and SuDS in Hyndburn.

Only use the flood zones on our mapping system for cross reference to planning applications etc., do not rely on them to be up to date.

Go to the online mapping system (Select map if there is no Category displayed).  Next, in Category:  select .PLANNING.

Left click on the FLOOD ZONES 2 AND 3 text  (date shows revision date) and the map will load. Individual layers can be turned on or off by clicking the check boxes in the Map or Raster Background menus, scrolling down and clicking Apply.

The map view is restricted so you then need to search using any of the three white boxes at the top of the map screen. Enter a street address, with or without a name/number. Then using the mouse pointer left click on FIND ADDRESS button.

From the form displayed choose an address, and left click on Show at the left side of the table.

A map will then be drawn including that address. You may need to zoom out to look around the area.

As you zoom out the map background changes to the raster background to enable faster loading. You can turn this background on or off using the check box in the Raster Background menu.

If you scroll outwards you can get an overview of the Flood Zones in Hyndburn.

Flood Zone 3 (Dark blue)  shows the area that could be affected by flooding from a river by a flood that has a 1 per cent (1 in 100) or greater chance of happening each year.

Flood Zone 2 (Light blue)  shows the additional extent of an extreme flood from rivers where a location is likely to be affected by a major flood, with up to a 0.1 per cent (1 in 1000) chance of occurring each year.