Search for Planning Information Using Online Mapping

Search for Publicly Owned Car Parks in Hyndburn

Go to the online mapping system (Select Map if there is no Category displayed).  Next,  in  Category:  select ENGINEERING then PUBLIC CAR PARKS.

Left click on the text and the map will load. The map view is restricted so you then need to search using any of the three white boxes at the top of the map screen. Enter a street address, with or without a name/number. Then using the mouse pointer left click on FIND ADDRESS button.

On the form displayed choose an address near the tree and left click on Show at the left side of the table.

A map will then be drawn including that address. You may need to zoom out to look around the area. When you have found the area of the car park right click on the coloured area. This will then bring up details for that car park.

The map mainly shows car parks owned by Hyndburn Borough Council but some private car parks with public access are shown.