Second Hand Goods

Maintenance of the registration

Registered second hand goods dealers are governed by the County of Lancashire Act 1984 and have particular obligations in respect of the registration.  The conditions of the registration are:

Notification of changes:

Registered dealers must notify the Borough Council within 14 days of any changes to the information given in the application for registration relating to:

  • registered name;
  • private address;
  • registered or principal office address of a corporate body, and the names and private addresses of directors or other persons directly or indirectly responsible for the management thereof;
  • the address of each place in the district which is occupied by the applicant for the purpose of the business;
  • if the person registered ceases to carry on business in the district as a dealer in second-hand goods.

Display of Certificate of Registration:

A copy of the registration certificate must be displayed in the business premises.

Register of Transactions:

A bound book with consecutively numbered pages must be kept by the registered person and retained by him/her until the end of the period of two years beginning with the day on which the last entry was made in the book.

A similar register must be kept at each place occupied by the registered person for the purpose of his/her business:

  • the date of the transaction;
  • the quality and description of the articles;
  • the name and address of the person from whom the articles were acquired;
  • where practicable, the registration number of any vehicle used by the vendor of the articles for delivering them to the place of business of the registered person.

Police inspection of Register:

A police constable may at all reasonable times enter and inspect any premises which he/she has reasonable cause to believe is for, or in connection with the business of, a dealer in second-hand goods and any register kept for the purpose of recording transactions, and may do such things as are reasonably necessary for the purpose of ascertaining whether there is or has been in or in connection with the premises, a contravention of Section 26 of the County of Lancashire Act.