Temporary Exemption Notices

In certain circumstances the requirement for a licence can be replaced by a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN).  Where a person having control or managing a dwelling that is required to be licensed but is not licensed intends to cease to let a house, they may apply to the Council for a TEN.  To do so he/she must notify the Council that he/she is seeking possession of the dwelling with a view to the dwelling ceasing to be let.

The Council may, if it thinks fit, serve upon that person a ‘TEN’ which exempts the dwelling from a requirement to have a licence for three months from the date of the notice.

If the person having control or management of a dwelling subject to a ‘TEN’ makes a further request, the Council can consider whether or not to allow a second ‘TEN’ starting from the date of expiry of the first and lasting for three months.  In order to serve a second ‘TEN’ the Council must be shown that there are exceptional circumstances that justify a further postponement of the licence requirement.

If a second ‘TEN’ is served, upon its expiry no further period of exemption is allowed.


Register of Temporary Exemption Notices

To view the public register of temporary exemption notices that have been served under section 86 Part 3 of the Housing Act, and which are in force, please contact selectivelicensing@hyndburnbc.gov.uk or telephone 01254 360166.