Smoke Control Areas

Smoke Control Areas and associated appliances / fuels.

Almost the whole of Hyndburn, apart from a small area at Belthorn, is covered by the Smoke Control Area legislation, so you can check for certain by using the following link then scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the “ACCEPT” button which will reveal the map to enable you to search by your address for the Hyndburn Borough Council area:-

Smoke Control Area Interactive Map (


Please also see the two links below where you can find details of the make and model of wood burners that are compliant for use within a Smoke Control Area and the type of fuels that also comply (Authorised Appliances and fuels).


Any wood burning / multi-fuel device you fit must be an “Exempt Appliance” from the list on the link provided :-


Please note that devices are only compliant when burning the specified fuel they are designed to burn e.g. A device designed to burn untreated kiln dried wood logs will not be compliant when burning MDF, chipboard or treated timber fencing off cuts.  


If you are using an open fire then the fuel used must be an approved smokeless fuel for use in a smoke control area from the list on the link below:-


You may also want to contact Building Control on email and establish whether they require a Certificate of Installation for the stove you are having fitted.