Standards Committee

Hyndburn Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is made up of four Councillors from Hyndburn Borough Council and three Parish Councillors from Altham Parish Council.  The Members of the Standards Committee are currently as follows:

Hyndburn Borough Council Members

Councillor Harry Grayson (Labour)  (Chair of Standards Committee)
Councillor June Harrison (Labour)  (Vice-Chair of Standards Committee)
Councillor Bill Pinder (Labour)
Councillor Kath Pratt (Conservative)

Altham Parish Council Members

Altham Parish Councillor Rennie Pinder (Chair of Altham Parish Council)
Altham Parish Councillor Andrew Knowles
Altham Parish Councillor Ken Ridehalgh

Independent Persons

In addition, the Localism Act 2011 provides for the appointment of an Independent Person or Persons who are not Councillors and are not linked to a political party to assist in the complaints process.  There are currently no Independent Persons appointed to the Standards Committee.