Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a document that identifies suitable land for future housing development in Hyndburn.

Ensuring that there is an adequate and responsive supply of land is a key objective of the planning system.  In order to meet this objective Local Planning Authorities are required to identify sufficient available, suitable and deliverable sites to meet housing requirements in the first 5 years. They are also required to identify further specific sites and broad locations for a 15 year plan period.

The SHLAA will form a key part of the evidence base for the preparation of the new Local Plan, in particular the Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) and Core Strategy partial review (if required). For further details on the Council’s planned programme of work on the Local Plan see the published Local Development Scheme.

The primary role of the SHLAA is to:-

  • Identify sites that are available for housing;
  • Assess their housing potential (suitability and achievability); and
  • Assess when they could be developed, should the Council wish to see them come forward.

Please note that the SHLAA does not allocate sites or determine whether planning permission should be granted, this will be undertaken as a part of the plan making process via the Site Allocations DPD which involves more detailed site assessments and appraisals alongside statutory consultation. It is an assessment of theoretical housing land supply at a specific point in time.

Therefore the SHLAA identifies land that could be developed, but it is for the Site Allocations DPD to identify the land that should be developed.

In 2016 the Council commissioned Peter Brett Associates to update the previous (2009) SHLAA in accordance with the methodology set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. The 2016 SHLAA will inform Site Allocations work on the Local Plan.

View the 2016 SHLAA