Submitting a Planning Application

Website Publication of Planning Applications and Personal Privacy

We publish all planning applications and the associated documents, and statutory consultee responses on this website.  For applications received after 23rd May 2018 we no longer normally publish neighbour comments either in support of or objecting to planning applications. Comments, including the name and address of the person making the comment, can be viewed by appointment  at the Council Offices at Scaitcliffe House.

In the event of an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate we are currently required to send all comments to the Planning Inspectorate that were considered when making the decision. The Planning Inspectorate will pass these to the Inspector and the Appellant.

Please advise us if you need to keep any contact details private. You should do this before the application is submitted and attach a note to the application form explaining your reasons for requesting privacy.

Please don’t refer to the names or ages of children or to the vulnerability of anyone on the application form or supporting documents, including in the title block of drawings. If we need to know any personal or confidential details (such as on a viability statement, or letters concerning disability) please submit a separate document clearly marked “Confidential”.  Please also put Confidential in the name of electronic documents as they are not read before insertion into the system.

Any letters of support or objection are attached to the application file and passed to the relevant Officer to consider when making their decision.

If you are emailing a comment please send it as an attachment to the email with your name, address and contact details. Comments are not normally published on the website. (see paragraph above)

Regrettably we do not have the resources to acknowledge comments except by an auto response on an email.

We aim to remove signatures and personal contact details on the website copies of documentation. To aid us in this please don’t put personal details anywhere other than the specified fields on the form  Please check that we have done so at Search applications using the application number or address to find the relevant application. All other personal details (name and address, land ownership) on the planning application forms remain on the form and are a matter of public record.

We leave Agent’s contact details visible, unless requested to remove them, as we don’t consider them personal information.

Contact us at if you want further details removed.

To see more about how we record and store your information please see the Council’s privacy notice.