Taxi Refunds

How to Claim Your Taxi Refund

We have recently discovered that the increases in fees for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle licences and Operators Licences were not advertised correctly. We will therefore refund any money that has been overpaid in respect of these licences.

You are able to claim for the following –

  • Refund of hackney carriage and private hire vehicle licence fees
  • Refund of operator licence fees
  • Refund of CRB check feesWhilst all fare increases were published on the Council website, they were not advertised in a local newspaper as required.  This means that fees received over and above the level that was last advertised correctly will be refunded.We are now inviting claims from any person or company that believes they may be have been affected.If you believe that you have a legitimate claim for a refund, you must complete in full one claim form for each vehicle or operator licence, in addition to a claimant details form.  Only one claimant detail form is required regardless of the number of vehicle and/or operator claim forms submitted.


    If you are just claiming for one vehicle (and haven’t been an operator during the claims period), you will need to submit:

    • one vehicle claim form (either a hackney carriage or a private hire form dependant on the type of vehicle licensed); and
    • one claimant detail form

    This means you will just be submitting two forms in total.

    If you are claiming for three private hire vehicles and as an operator, you will be required to submit:

    • three separate private hire vehicle claims forms
    • one operator claim form (unless the operators licence has been held in different names, in which case, a separate form will be required for each trading/company name)
    • one claimant detail form.

    This means you will be submitting five forms in total.

    All claims will be verified by the Council before payment is made.

    The claimant details form contains a declaration, which you must sign.  Any person who knowingly makes a false statement or fraudulent claim will be liable to prosecution.  

    Claim forms can be downloaded using the links below.  Paper copies are available from main reception –

    Hyndburn Borough Council
    Scaitcliffe House
    Ormerod Street
    BB5 0PF

    between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

    These forms should ideally be completed and signed by the claimant. In exceptional circumstances the forms may be completed by the claimant’s agent, appointee or relative. but this person will need to give their details on the claimant details form and explain why the claimant cannot complete the form themselves.

    The completed forms must be returned to:

    Licensing Department
    Scaitcliffe House
    Ormerod Street
    BB5 0PF

    Once your claim has been received your application will be checked and verified.  Providing the application is completed correctly and the claim is legitimate, we aim to respond with a refund of all monies due by cheque within 28 days.  If there is a problem with the claim, we will advise you of the issue and any revised timescale for handling the claim.

    The refund is calculated on the basis of the difference in fees paid by you and those legally advertised in 2003, going back a maximum of 6 years from the date of claim. The period of claim is the 6 years from 4 August 2007 to 5 August 2013.

    Any fees refunded in respect of 2007/8 are calculated on a pro rata basis from 4 August 2007.

    All payments refunded in respect of 2013/14 will also be calculated on a pro rata basis to 5 August 2013, which is the date our current fees came into effect following advertisement.

    The Council will aim to respond to all claimants with the refund of monies due within 28 days, provided that the application is completed correctly and all information relating to the claim is complete, accurate and it is a legitimate claim.

    If an application is incomplete it will be returned to the person submitting the claim. We will let you know the further information you need to provide.

    We are anticipating a large volume of claims.  To enable us to process these as quickly as possible, we will not enter into face to face discussion on any claim within the initial 28 day period.  For this reason, we would ask that once your claim has been submitted you refrain from chasing progress within 28 days of submission.

    CRB check fees  

    In respect of fees paid for CRB checks, we will repay the difference between  the fee paid and the cost of a standard CRB check in respect of CRB checks carried out in the period from 4th August 2007 until 26 March 2012 when the Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 came into force.

    Claim Forms

    Claimant Detail Form

    Hackney Carriage Vehicles Claim Form

    Private Hire Vehicle Claim Form

    Private Hire Operator Claim Form

    CRB Fees Claim Form