The Mayor’s Office

Coat of Arms

The Shield

The waves and hind suggest the name of Hyndburn, the river from which the borough is named.

The Crest

This represents local industries. The crown represents Accrington brick manufacturing. Calico printing is represented by the stag which was taken from the arms of the Hargreaves family of Broad Oak. The cotton industry is represented by the spinning wheel in reference to the invention of the ‘Spinning Jenny’ of James Hargreaves, Oswaldtwistle.

The Supporters

The lions standing on each side of the crest represent two of the most important families of the area. The purple lion represents the de Lacy family of Blackburnshire ( Accrington , Oswaldtwistle, Clayton le Moors, Great Harwood and Altham.) The white lion represents the Peel family of Oswaldtwistle.

Both lions wear collars bearing the same river motif which is found on the shield. They each hold a red rose. Each rose has seven petals, representing a seven part authority in Lancashire .

The Motto

‘By Industry and Prudence’ a variation of the former Accrington motto echoing that of the Hargreaves and Peel families.